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PolyStar manufacture and supply our products throughout Queensland and Northern NSW. Polystar also has a distribution warehouse facility located in Rockhampton Central Queensland to further enhance our supply chain and service level requirements.

What is the Waffle Pod Raft Slab System?

The Waffle Pod slab system is the preferred design by engineers, complying with Australian standard AS2870.


The Waffle Pod Slab System allows more accurate specification of concrete quantities, reduces waste and provides a substantial boost to building site efficiency.


Our Waffle Pods are a unique product specifically designed for use within the waffle raft slab system. They are used within the construction of concrete slabs for residential houses and residential unit type dwellings. Waffle pods are renowned for reducing construction costs and slab installation timeframes.

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Polystar has a reputation for quality products, personalised customer service, technical knowledge and expertise gained through over 30 years of combined experience within the Polystyrene manufacturing and Building Industry sectors.     


Waffle pods are produced from expanded polystyrene. The individual beads are fused with steam to produce a lightweight, strong and flexible product. Our modern production facility utilises machinery that has all the current , up to date technology to produce a consistent, high quality product to satisfy all our
customer’s needs.       

Polystar also operates a polystyrene recycling facility that provides a collection service from site of all recyclable polystyrene waste which is returned to our factory to be re-used in the manufacturing process. We are an environmentally responsible manufacturer committed to processing all our clean waste into new products.     

Polystar is also available to assist you with research and development of any new expanded polystyrene products you require for manufacture.

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Custom expanded Polystyrene Solutions

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 An express scrap collection service, designed to meet builders expectations with guaranteed site collection timeframes.

Polystar prides itself on its’ Priority scrap collection service. Our user friendly service is based around an automated text notification system, immediate reply to our text activates the priority service. For more information, please refer to our services page here (insert link)