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Priority scrap notification system

As part of our Priority Scrap Collection service, all customers (Site contact supplied by customer) will
be sent a text message (Text Mobile number: 0422 196 162) the day after delivery inquiring if scrap
is ready for collection.
Immediate reply to our text activates the priority scrap collection service. Once a reply is received
that scrap is ready for collection.
Collections will be made as follows:

Priority Scrap Collection Time Limits

  • Area 1:                                                         Within 3 Business days of notification
  • Area 2/Gold Coast:                                    Within 3 Business days of notification
  • Area 2/Gatton/Beaudesert:                     Within 5 Business days of notification
  • Area 3/Sunshine coast:                             Within 5 Business days of notification
  • All Regional/country areas:                      As per your Comprehensive Pricing Guide.

Always Remember “Bag, Secure and Text

Standard house slabs require up to 10 bags per unit/ house lot. Please inform us at the placement of
the order if extra bags are required, due to the slab design which requires extra cutting.
Please note some low volume delivery areas may be subject to longer collection timeframes and
charges. These will be advised when the order is received and reviewed.

Scrap presentation

Contaminated pods & scrap bags will not be collected from building sites. It is the concreter’s
responsibility to ensure that all clean pod waste is placed in the bags provided then seal with the
strapping that the pods have been delivered with. All the scrap bags and the leftover pods must be
placed in one location at the front of the block secured with the strapping to an immovable object,
ready for collection. For OHS reasons, (potential injuries to drivers) the scrap must not be weighed
down with steel, lumps of concrete or other heavy/sharp objects.

Acceptable Items for collection:

  • Clean polystyrene waffle pod off cuts.
  • Clean full unused waffle pods.
  • Plastic spacers.

It is not Polystars responsibility to retrieve pod scrap that has blown around the estates. Please insure pod scrap has been presented using the above methods, and as illustrated in the photograph above.


We are an environmentally responsible manufacturer committed to processing all Pod waste which is returned to our recycling facility into new products.